Private equity funds are the most sought after source of finance for high-growth companies & startups. But raising private equity / venture capital is a complicated process, involving diligent homework, sound business strategy, domain knowledge, optimal capital structuring, perfect presentation, proper alliances, methodical business valuation and above all a positive approach.

Our range of services in this field is directed towards positioning ourselves as a catalyst, complementing our client’s efforts, guiding and molding their hard work & aspirations. We help ensure proper structuring and presentation, viability of business model, approach and negotiate with private equity funds while understanding their investment psyche and close the best-possible deal.

Our broad range of Private Equity Placement Services includes:

  • Conducting critical appraisals of proposals and assessment of business potential
  • Ensuring healthy, steady revenue stream and overall viability of business model
  • Ensuring proper capital structuring and business strategy
  • Preparing executive presentation, financial model and detailed business plans
  • Aiding in arriving at optimum business valuation
  • Identifying and negotiating with numerous PE investors
  • Negotiation and deal closure
  • Monitoring post-investment scenario to ensure growth
  • Identifying and advising appropriate exit strategies