Draft Prospectus

Financial Year 2019-20

Novateor Research Laboratories Limited


Financial Year 2018-19

U.H.Zaveri Limited

Veeram Infra Engineering Limited

Sudarshan Pharma Industries Limited

Janus Corporation Limited

S. M. Gold Limited

Palm Jewels Limited

Financial Year 2017-18

Kenvi Jewels Limited

Gautam Gems Limited

Aventez Media & Technologies Limited

Kaarya Facilities and Services Limited

Nouritrans Exim Limited

Financial Year 2015-16

Spicy Entertainment And Media Limited

Darshan Orna Limited

CHD Chemicals Limited

Ghushine Fintrrade Ocean Limited

Ganga Pharmaceuticals Limited

Navigant Corporate Advisors Limited

Oyeeee Media Limited

Mishka Exim Limited

Financial Year 2014-15

Tejnaksh Healthcare Limited

Funny Software Limited

Yogya Enterprise Limited

Athena Construction

Sspn Finance Limited

Financial Year 2013-14

Anubhav Infrastructure Limited

Powerhouse Fitness And Realty Limited