Secondary Markets:

Successful investing in Capital Markets demands ever more time and expertise. Investment Management is an art and a science in itself. Professional Investment Management Services are no longer the privilege of only large institutional investors

We are the only Broking House which offers our Retail Investor's our expertise in Investing in foreign Markets.

We give our Client our expertise in all kind of Stocks falling in Following Category: -

  • Stocks Recommended by our Research Team.
  • Stocks Recommended by other Stock Broker's
  • Scripts which have FII movement.
  • Stocks Recommended by WESTERN.

We are the only broking house that gives our clients Investor Education.

  • Help customers trade and invest in Equity Markets.
  • Manage Client's in Equity Markets (BSE, NSE & F&O).
  • Arbitrage Trading
  • NRI Services: List of Documents Required: