Introduction to FOCL:

FOCL stands for FIRST OVERSEAS CAPITAL LTD established since 1995. The directors of the company are in this business of merchant banking for more than 25 years. The chairman of the company is in this business for more than 35 years and with them they bring in vast experience and their expertise in the field of merchant banking. The company holds the history of bringing NRI funds first time in India. The company is counted as a category one merchant banker in India.

As the name says FIRST OVERSEAS CAPITAL, the company actually specializes in getting foreign funds in India (FDI, NRI, etc.) and also helps the company investing the same funds in various businesses in India. FOCL also specializes in taking Indian Companies Abroad and hand hold them. FOCL also specializes in raising IPO for various companies. FOCL also specializes in stock broking business. It also specializes in raising corporate finances, project financing, external commercial borrowings, LIBOR, American depository receipts, Global depository receipts, Indian depository receipts and also hold a great expertise, knowledge and specialization in Merger's & Acquisition's

FOCL It's a very professional managed company at a group level the directors of the company are also a majority shareholder and are on board of other well reputed publicly listed companies viz.

  • The Bombay Store: - One of the oldest and the first lifestyle store to open in India with branches and presence in 5 cities.
  • Foods & Inns Ltd.: - It is a 100% EOU and contributes 26% to export of mangoes outside India.
  • Muller & Phipps Ltd.: - It is a 75 year old company started by an American and is also one of India's largest distributors in India of various products.